Since 1972 Micbaim is an Aerospace company providing its best service to IAI, Manufacturing a wide spectrum of parts in various materials.

Our customers enjoy that knowledge in the Hi-tech, Industrial or aerospace markets around the world.

Customers from the Hi-tech industry are being treated under the same strict QC demands of the aerospace industry.

Micbaim is "Grade 12" certified by the Israeli Aerospace Industry, Ship to Stock, for the following processes:

  • PS5511XX / PS23041 – Metal machining and milling (All Processes)
  • PS070XXX – Installation of fasteners (All Processes)
  • PS5101XX – Installation of Bushings
  • PS0801XX – Installation of screws, Nuts and Bolts
  • PS9015XX – Critical structure part-Processing
  • PS500100 / PS16001 – Part Identification
  • 212 – Mechanical Assemblies

All of our suppliers are aerospace graded and are approved by the IAI.

Attached pls find copies of our "AS9100c" certificates.

AS9100C ISO9001_Heb
runout micbaim
ISO9001_Eng ISO9001 IQNET
runout micbaim